Tri-Country Tour

Austria, Slovenia, Italy - all in one tour. Three countries in one day - from Slovenia's mountains and the turquoise blue Soča to an ice cream in Italy. A varied tour for advanced bikers.

We meet at the tourist information office at Lake Faak and explore the Rosental valley along the Drau river. Before Ferlach, we turn towards Loiblpass - the border crossing to Slovenia. Shortly after Tržič, it becomes quieter around us: we ride through forests, small towns and Slovenia's mountain roads.

After a dreamlike landscape, it becomes more densely populated near Zelezniki. Along a small river we ride through a valley, which at the end flows into the large Soča valley. Near Tolmin we eat the famous čevapčiči on the Soča and can watch the numerous water sports enthusiasts doing their leisure activities.

We continue along the turquoise blue Soča via Kobarid and Bovec towards the Predil Pass. Before we return, we stop in Tarvis and enjoy an Italian ice cream. This place is famous for its market, which is open all year round and offers products made of leather, jeans and other clothes. From here it is another 40 beautiful kilometres back to Lake Faak.

Important information for this route:

Dates: Tuesday, 06.09.2022; Saturday, 10.09.2022 - meeting point at 09:15 at the Tourist Information Faak am See - tour starts at 09:30 (registration: +43 664 133 41 46).

Length & duration: This tour covers 250 kilometres and takes about 6.5 hours in total.

Cost: € 44.00 per person; FREE with the Erlebnis CARD.
Additional costs for food and fuel are to be paid by the participants themselves.

Riding technique level: Difficult - Suitable for advanced bikers.